Costa Rica Glenview

Today was an incredible day! We started the day off by hiking up a mountain to repel down a waterfall! It was the scariest thing we’ve done so far. It was like going on zipline but downwards! It was super fun! Then, we headed to a school where we helped paint the school and play area! It was nice to know we were doing something good for the people of Costa Rica! The kids really appreciated it! Last, we headed to the Studio Hotel for a second time and had a delicious quesadilla dinner. I’m super sad that its the last day tomorrow, but, I’m feeling homesick anyway!

-Alejandro A.

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  1. Ellen & Eugene Pritsker, Mitchell's parents

    All parents are very proud of you guys. Just tell everybody, please, that even though we miss you all very much and can’t wait for you to get home, but still want you to enjoy every minute you are in Costa Rica. Have as much fun as you possibly can!

  2. Elizabeth Garcia-Economou (Alex's Mom)

    Enjoyed reading the blogs and seeing the amazing pictures. Great that you were able to help out and play with some of the Costa Rica school children. Based on what I have seen and read, I bet after being home a short while you will be thinking of your next adventure. Have fun tomorrow!

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