Delong Costa Rica

Hey everyone in the states! We went repelling today and it was sooo much fun. It’s so hard to explain in words what it was like. See you all in a couple of days! -Jordan B

Hello to those back home! Had a great time today repelling, and I’m enjoying time with my awesome friends. See you soon! -Madeline B

Hi friends and family had an awesome time today repelling I got some good videos and can’t wait for tomorrow at the ocean. I am also very happy to say I have bought some souvenirs for family and friends and even rydog!!!!! Love and miss you; mom, dad, and rydog.
Love: Tyler E

I bought a bunch of souvenirs today, but if anyone thinks of something they want, let me know! I had a really fun day rappelling! James B.

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  1. Team Leffelman

    Wow, James, that’s very thoughtful of you to offer – I like coffee…and candy 😀

  2. Hi James. Hope you are having fun and not too homesick! The waterfall sounds like it was a blast! Miss Patsy and Mr Alan would probably like candy or maybe something that is unique to the area. And I like coffee (hint hint 😉 )

  3. Paul and Pam Braun

    Glad you’re living in the moment and enjoying all of it, Madeline. Have fun splashing at the beach and being with your friends!

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