Glenview Costa Rica

For the past few days we have been staying in the wilderness. I didn’t think camping would be this…gross! The only thing I rely liked about this place is the food and the animals. Animals such as monkeys and kitties. Not Mosquitos. I don’t enjoy those. Haha. I have been making good friends with Christina and all the other kids here. Today when we went to the village I like freaked out because there were so many dogs and cats. I love those! I had to pet every single one! I got my 4 friends a couple of things from the market. I got 2 bracelets, and two necklaces. Everyone here makes awesome food. I LOVE eating food. Especially with all my best friends. We all played on the beach yesterday and today. We took a lot of pictures. I hope they get posted! It has bee so fun the past few days!! I can’t wait to blog tomorrow from a real hotel. That has electricity. Er mah gerd. Alrighty. BYEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

-Renee A (the best person ever)

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  1. LOL! Now you know why I don’t like camping! Glad you are having fun sweetie!

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